Painting your home makes it visually appealing and differentiating from other houses. Whether you have purchased a new home or are looking to renovate, selecting a new paint scheme for your exterior wall is a tedious job and time-consuming affair. The right combination of colors will make your home look outstanding, while the wrong selection can turn into a disaster. There are plenty of ways to incorporate multiple colors into your home to create a unique exterior. 

Color Shoppe has designed a step-by-step guide to help you in selecting the best color options.


Before moving forward to color selection, consider your decision’s long-term impacts. This will help you in choosing the best shades for exterior walls

Steps for exterior wall color selection

  1. Neighborhood.
    1. Have a look at your adjacent houses and your society. Choose the shade which complements nearby homes.
  2. Contrasting colors
    1. Selecting colors that provide variety in tones and shades will highlight your exterior and architectural features.
  3. Coordination with façade
    1. Select shades that will add value to your façade like brick or stone walls to add uniqueness to the walls
  4. Testing
    1. Apply swatches of different combinations to get the exact feel of the color. Move around the color during different times of the day in various lighting to have more confidence in your choice.
  5. POP-UP colors
    1. Highlight columns, shutters, gates, or windows with vibrant colors to make them pop up from the rest of the exterior area.
  6. Complement with interior
    1. It is always better to select some portion of shade that complements the interiors. It doesn’t need to be exact but small pops of color that are inside as well as outside create harmony

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