Textures are the sensations caused by touch through external surface of objects. When you incorporate textured paint to your walls, it will add vitality, dimensionality and style. We help you in various unique ways of adding texture to your walls. It can help hide blemishes and imperfections in the wall. The texture is a distinct medium of expression. The graduation of colours is important. Experts are needed to work on creating textured wall. You don’t have to worry about design, colour, style and experts. We are here to help with the best textures for your house. We allow your ideas to be incorporated in your textures. We assign best suitable expert for the required texture to be done. It is important to have an emotional connection with the textures. To add more value to your interior walls, texture can be added to the entire wall or can just be done in a particular section. You don’t have to worry about after look once the texture is done. We carry more than 180 live display of textures for you at our showroom. Simply make a visit to share your ideas and get a look at displays for deciding upon the texture. Make an impressive wall makeover with Colour Shoppe.

Associate Brands

  • Concrete Texture
  • Lime plaster
  • Stucco
  • Marmarino
  • Leafing
  • Expose RCC

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