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JOTASHIELD COLOURXTREME- Ultra premium quality exterior paint.

Jotashield Colourxtreme is an ultra-premium quality exterior paint that will make your house look unique and beautiful by providing the longest-lasting beautiful colours in harsh weather conditions. its unique 100% pure acrylic formulation delivers a strong paint film with unparalleled resistance to dirt pickup. cracking. flaking and chalking. jotashield Colourxtreme gives you maximum colour performance for at least 12 years offering the lowest maintenance. formulated with superior temperature reduction technology. it also reduces your energy consumption

Jotashield Colourxtreme provides certified concrete protection, that blocks CO2 from penetrating into the concrete and releases water vapour. The paint film is flexible and has good crack-bridging properties.

with an eye on the environment, jota shield Colourxtreme addresses issues such as rising energy costs, global warming and effective heat management. greater heat reflection results in lesser energy consumption.

The best exterior paint

  • 12 years protection
  • Reduces temperature up to 5 degree celsius
  • Longest concrete protection
  • 467 UV resistant long lasting colours
  • Low dirt pick up




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